How it works

What is your service model??

Everyday fresh samples of fabulously made tea arrive directly from some of the most magnificent Gardens(in the world) to our tasting room, where the well-experienced Tea tasters taste all the lots and select only the best ones amongst all. And as per your desire, this precious possession is carefully packed and shipped from this part of the world, scheduled to arrive at your doorsteps within two weeks from the time of production.


Best Quality…. are you serious???
Well not exactly!!  Welcome to our world where some of the finest tea-gardens are located (INFORMATION VERIFIED), at an elevation ranging between 3000-7000 feet.  That’s where we procure our teas from.

Further, we have a DOUBLE TASTING POLICY for every tea.

First round of tasting takes place at the time when we select your tea amongst all the lots being offered. Followed by the second round right before it is being packed to ensure that you get exactly you had asked for... THE BEST VERSION OF YOUR FAVOURITE CUPPA


Okay!!  But does it actually come within two weeks from the time of production??

We have been successfully able to eliminate all the mediators involved in the supply chain. Now, we are procuring teas directly from the gardens. Also, we have tried to infuse the modern technology with the century old supply pattern. Thus is has been possible to provide best teas to you in its freshest avatar… right to your doorsteps within two weeks from the time of production.


Literally to the doorsteps…. HA HA HA..sounds like a GAG!!

We understand how you feel…  Just to let you know, we have teamed up with the best logistic suppliers in the world, who are always on their feet….just to prove you wrong.


How’s That??? ;)