Green Tea with Mint

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Ready to smash that hard and heavy burden inside your head after a long tiring day? Go mint! Doesn't matter if you are feeling low because you have a running nose or a congested chest try mint this time ! 

Let green tea as the base product cast its magic wand along with mint !

Both of them combined, offer some benefits like:

Green tea: antioxidant, fat burner, enhance physical activity, increase mental alertness, anti cancer etc.

Mint:  A natural mouth freshener and a natural appetizer that promotes digestion.
The powerful aroma of this herb can clear up congestion in nose, throat and lungs!
It can help you charging your batteries up if feeling lethargic, low, bored or just tired!
Such is the power of mint ! 

So grab a cup of Green tea with mint and refresh your body, mind and soul!

As promised, we would keep charging your taste buds and mind, keeping your health as the priority because we CARE FOR YOU!