Green Tea with Chamomile

  • Rs. 650
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Ever heard about a heavenly mixture sealed inside a pack? Yes!! We did it for you just to make you feel youthful and light !!

With this powerful blend of green tea and the dainty chamomile flowers, Teabless is overwhelmed with joy to announce that it's right here, just a click away! 

Green tea which is blessed with antioxidants help our body fight against cancerous cells, cut unwanted fats, improve physical performance, improve dental and cardio vascular health and the list goes on! 

And the dainty aromatic chamomile flowers has its own miracles! Doesn't matter how stressed, depressed or upset you are, you know that we have chosen the best quality of chamomiles for you. It would help you calming down your nerves, getting rid of anxiety and insomnia!

And not to mention its soft fragrance, you just can't ignore this magical combination!

Imagine holding a warm cup of green tea mixed with chamomile after a fresh morning bath or at the end of a tiring day, sipping that magical potion and letting yourself loose in that ethereal aroma!  We are confident that we are able to capture a little mixture of heaven sealed inside a pack exclusively for you!!